About us

What is Live88?

A social phenomenon where the player is part of the product. A fun and captivating user experience where players are sure to find new friends when they join the club! Members will light up as they deal, call and climb through a fleet of classic casino games where the more they play, the bigger the rewards they’ll be able to reach.

The best things in life are meant to be shared. Like a group convo where every participant gets a chance to chat! Whether it’s with the dealer, or your new companions at the table, Live88 is all about keeping it light, keeping it interesting and, most importantly, keeping it fun.

Why Live88?

In our ceaseless pursuit of excellence, we continually have our ears to the ground when it comes to movement within the market and what our partners are looking for. The reaction was the need for a more community spirited and inclusive Live dealer product.

The outcome of this feedback was Live88 which will encompass all of the quality of Live Dealer content that our user base has come to expect from us with the added excitement and value of a self-sustaining community. It’s fun, engaging and it’s live.

Over 100 tables of fun and collaboration

Players’ preferences vary from place to place, but Live88 is the location that brings them all together in one spot. One single, inspiring space to share the excitement of big wins on their favourite games!

We ensure the best variety of games, dealers, languages and most importantly options for our operators to deliver the best gaming experience possible to their players.